Plastic Fishing Boats

Sevylor Fish Hunter 4 personPlastic fishing boats are by no means as basic as the title suggests.  Because Plastic fishing boats are inflatable, super tough vinyl boats that offer durability, easy storage and a low cost option to move your fishing from the riverbank out onto the water.

Such boats are also a great choice if you want to take other people fishing with you, or perhaps to have a versatile boat to use for family days messing around on the water.

So what should you look for when deciding which type of plastic fishing boat to purchase?  Well, naturally price is often the first consideration, and there’s no doubting that there are some excellent value for money boats to be found.  But before you go rushing in and buy the cheapest on the market you should do some comparisons, because the lowest price doesn’t necessarily offer the best value.

Ask yourself the following questions when beginning the search for a suitable boat:

•    How many people do I want to carry?
•    What will be the boat’s primary use?  This is likely to be fishing, but if you want it to double up as a pleasure craft then your requirements might well be slightly different.
•    How easy is it to inflate and deflate?
•    What is the maximum weight limit?
•    Does it have plenty of storage room for your fishing tackle?
•    If you’re planning on using it for longer fishing trips, does it offer the ability to add a motor if you require one?
•    What fishing specific features does the boat have, such as rod holders?
•    How comfortable is the seating?  If you’re planning on spending extended time in the boat whilst fishing, then this is extremely important.

It can be a challenge to understand exactly what features make for a great plastic fishing boat if you’ve never used one before.  Therefore it really does make the purchasing experience easier and better if you make a list of your requirements before you start the hunt.  That way you’ll be able to tick off those that definitely don’t conform on paper, and come up with a shortlist of boats that might be suitable.

Another thing that’s important to check out is the length of the manufacturer’s warranty.  Some only offer very short warranties, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re not good value for money.  A good tip is to check out online reviews of a boat you’re considering purchasing.  People are very good at posting problems (and good points) on the Internet, and this really does help with the decision making process.

This is especially relevant if you’re planning on making your purchase online, rather than going to a shop to buy.  Always remember that you’re covered by the various distance selling regulations if you buy in this manner.  This effectively means that if your plastic fishing boat arrives and it’s not what you expected, then you are within your rights to return within a certain period of time (usually 7 days) and receive a full refund.

Top 3 Best Plastic Fishing Boats

The following boats are three that we think offer excellent value for money and are ideal for fishing on freshwater.

Sevylor Fish Hunter Inflatable 4-Person Boat Review

Sevylor Fish Hunter 4 person

A four person boat with a weight limit of 700 lbs, this is a great looking plastic fishing boat at a knock down price.  Made from 30 gauge PVC, it also has two separate air chambers that mean extra stability when on the water.  This is especially important when you have up to four people in a boat at one time, as it’s virtually impossible to keep the weight load exactly even.  The boat also provides features that guarantee no accidental air loss – very important when heading out on the water for hours at a time.

•    Two inflatable seats
•    Two fishing rod holders
•    Chafing pads
•    Gear bag
•    Drain plugs
•    Four swivel oarlocks
•    The ability to add an outboard motor (not included)
•    Grab line
•    Built in carry handles

•    A low cost, easy inflate boat made from heavy duty PVC
•    Very stable on the water
•    Double lock valves and Sevylor’s Airtight System give a guarantee not to leak.
•    Can handle uneven loads
•    Plenty of storage room
•    Easily fits in the boot of a car for transportation

•    The 700 lb weight limit might not be enough to truly carry four full sized adults.

Although we do think that this boat should perhaps be marketed as a three man rather than a four man, it nonetheless offers extraordinary value for money.  If you’re looking for a plastic fishing boat that is easy to use, takes up little room to transport and store and has some excellent fishing specific features, then you really should add this one onto your short list to check out.


Intex Excursion 5 Boat Review

Intex 5 Person Plastic Boat

This five-person raft has been designed to provide maximum strength and fun at a minimum price.  Easy to assemble and inflate, it really is a tough little number that will provide you with a wonderfully versatile craft for the water.

•    Four fishing rod holders
•    Oar locks and holders
•    Mount for motor if required (motor not included)
•    Grab handle and 360 degree grab line
•    Quick fill and deflate valves
•    Inflatable floor
•    Two inflatable seats with backrests

•    1000 lb weight limit, yet only weighs 57.6 lbs
•    Produced by a company that has over four decades in producing inflatable products (boats, above ground pools, toys etc).
•    Made from extremely rugged, welded vinyl
•    Includes two 54 inch aluminium oars and a high output hand pump
•    Very fast to inflate

•    Only comes with two oars, so if you want others to help then you’ll need to purchase some more.
•    There’s no quick release valve on the floor air chamber

For the price, you’ll be hard pushed to find a better cheap fishing boat for the money.  And because it’s so versatile, it can easily double up as a great day out with family and friends.  After all, messing about on the water is one of life’s simple pleasures.  Pack a picnic, head out to the countryside and you’ve got a great value for money day out – all thanks to your purchase of one of the best cheap fishing boats on the market.


Intex Mariner 3 Boat Review

Intex Mariner 3 Boat Set

This low cost plastic fishing boat really does offer a huge amount of bang for your buck.  But just because it’s cheap, don’t think that you’ll be skimping on features.  Fast to inflate and deflate, this boat can carry up to three people and is made from super tough, heavy gauge PVC.  It also has some great fishing specific features that make your days spent on the water even more enjoyable.


•    Two air chambers
•    Grab rope handles on both ends
•    Two fishing rod holders
•    Inflatable floor
•    Welded rotational oar locks
•    2 Inflatable seat cushions
•    660 lbs weight capacity

•    Very tough and rugged construction
•    Ability to add a motor if required (not included)
•    3 ply system makes it very puncture resistant
•    Easy to row
•    Very portable and quick to inflate

•    With a weight limit of 660 lbs, then the three person capacity might not be achievable if one or two members are of a larger than average size.
For the price you’ll be hard pushed to find a more rugged and durable plastic fishing boat.  It’s also comfortable inside, and offers enough fishing specific pieces of kit to make for a very enjoyable day on the water.  It’s also a great choice if you intend to use the boat for multiple purposes, such as family days out etc etc.


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