Sport Fishing Boats For Sale

We have included two of the best sport fishing boats for sale below in our handy guide with full reviews/specs of each boat. We have put in hours of research to put together this guide to give you the latest up-to-date information.

The term ‘sport fishing’ covers a wide range of fishing options.  However, the one thing that all types of sport fishing have in common is that they require a great boat from which to fish.  Most sport fishermen do so to catch and then release their fish.  However, there are some that keep them to eat, so if this is what you do then you’ll need to ensure that you have adequate storage options on board to cope with your (hopefully) large haul.

If you’re looking for a boat from which you can head onto rivers or lakes, then there are some excellent options on the market.  And thankfully they needn’t cost the earth.  And whether you fish for pleasure or competition, then there are certain attributes that you’ll need to look for in your boat.

These include features such as plenty of storage room, comfortable seating and excellent manoeuvrability of the boat.  The option to be able to head into shallower waters is always good, as the last thing you want is your boat scraping the bottom as you try to follow biting fish closer to the shore or river bank.  Certain boats in particular are excellent for shallower waters, so if this is important to you then you need to ensure that the boat you purchase can cope with your needs.

If you’re looking for a one man boat, then remember that you’re also highly likely to be hauling the boat around on land on your own.  And for that very reason you want a lightweight boat that won’t cripple your back if you try to move it single handed.

Are you going to want to stand up when you fish?  If so, you need to consider the suitability of the boat for this.  And what are the locations that you want to visit?  Are you simply going to be on still waters such as lakes and ponds, or are you wanting to head to faster moving rivers?  All of these will have a bearing on the kind of sport fishing boat you purchase.

You’ll also need to decide about the preferred construction of the boat.  Do you want one with a rigid hull, or perhaps a pontoon fishing boat, a catamaran fishing boat or even a plastic fishing boat?  All of these have their various pros and cons, more of which is discussed on our Small Fishing Boats page.

And lastly, are you going to want to take friends and relatives with you?  If you enjoy solitary fishing then a single seat craft is great.  But if you want to take company, then you’ll need to decide how many seats your boat will need.

Top 2 Best Sport Fishing Boats For Sale

Lifetime Sport Fisher Kayak with Paddles and Backrests (Olive Green, 10-feet) Review

Sport Fisher Kayak

Providing enough room for up to three people, this sturdy boat provides the sport fisherman with everything he (or she) needs for a fantastic day out on the water.  With a tunnel hull design, this give excellent stability meaning you can sit, stand or ride side saddle whilst fishing.

•    Two high and dry ergonomic seats with backrests
•    UV protected, high density polyethylene chassis
•    Four fishing pole holders
•    6 inch rear storage hatch
•    Ditty trays and shock cord straps
•    Lightweight at only 60 lbs
•    Multiple food rest positions
•    Front and rear moulded paddle cradle with paddle clips on both sides


•    Very steady and easy to track.
•    Ergonomic ‘high and dry’ seating keeps riders off the floor of the kayak
•    Comes with 2 x 2 piece sport paddles
•    Plenty of storage
•    Very robust and weather resistant

•    Although the manufacturers say this is a three man boat, we would recommend this to be used as a two man option if you’re planning on spending a good amount of time on the water.  Also, with a maximum payload of 500 lbs, unless all fishermen are very small, three people is likely to exceed this weight limit.

In general, this is an excellent sport fishing boat that provides a lot of features for the price.  We especially like the design that allow you to stand or sit side saddle with no fear that the boat might capsize.  For a two man sport fishing boat (or three on occasion), it really is a fantastic option.

Kenai Pontoon Boat Review

Kenai Pontoon Boat

If you’re looking for a sport fishing boat that offers extremely good value for money, then look no further than the Kanai Pontoon.  It’s light weight makes it extremely easy for a single person to haul about on land, and it also breaks down into a very small size.  This makes for very easy transportation and storage.

•    Bladders are both cold and heat resistant
•    Combination quick inflation and deflation valves
•    Plenty of storage – including a fabric rear storage platform, under seat platform and zipped pockets on both the seat back and arm rests.
•    Extra tall seat back for additional comfort
•    Adjustable foot rests



•    Rides very high in the water.  This gives both excellent visibility and also means you can navigate shallow water
•    As it’s a single person boat, it’s essential that it’s suitable for a single person to move around and launch.  With a weight of less than 40 lbs, this is easily achievable.
•    Comes with oars, and both these and the boat itself break down to a small size.  This means you don’t require a trailer to transport, nor an enormous outhouse to store the boat at home.

•    The load bearing capacity of 350 lbs means that it won’t be suitable for the larger than average fisherman.
When it comes to a versatile and easy to use boat for sport fishing, this really does provide an incredible amount for your money.  Extremely stable on the water, plus providing a multitude of storage space, this is an excellent option for the sports fisherman.



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