Catamaran Fishing Boats

When it comes to purchasing catamaran fishing boats there are a few things that you need to take into account.  The first is that the design of a catamaran means that it has a very low centre of gravity.  What this does is provide you a boat that has a relatively low weight, but excellent stability.

This provides a great fishing experience, however you do need to be aware that along with this light weight, you also get more susceptibility to wind.  You also need to check out the storage options on the different types of catamaran fishing boats, and take care not to overload your boat.  The reason for this is that it gets its stability due to equal payload, and should you overweight it, you can drastically alter its performance.

One big advantage of a catamaran is that it gives you a high riding position, therefore improved visibility to boats that have you sitting very low in the water.  You can also head into shallower depths than you can with a rigid hull boat.

The two pontoons that make the base of the catamaran can be manufactured from many different materials.  They might be inflatable, or perhaps made from other rigid substances.  You might also see catamaran fishing boats referred to as pontoon fishing boats. Although there are slight technical differences between the two, in general many people use the two terms interchangeably.

With those boats that have inflatable pontoons, do they have easy inflate and deflate valves?  It might seem a small thing, but once you start moving into the practicalities, little things like this are extremely important.

If the boat is a single man, then ensure that it’s light enough for you to be able to easily haul around on land by yourself.  You might want to carry it on a roof rack on your car, or perhaps you tow a small trailer.  However you transport it, ensure that the boat is well within your capabilities to move.  After all, at the end of a long day’s fishing, the last thing you want is to have to struggle to get it ready to transport home.

So, what other things should you look for when purchasing a catamaran fishing boat?  Well, the maximum weight limit is definitely key.  Especially if you’re purchasing a boat that carries more than one person, or if you are a particularly heavy person.  You should also be aware that the maximum weight a boat can hold refers not only to the passenger, but to all your kit as well.

And lastly, ensure that the boat has a decent amount of storage room, not only for your kit, but for food, drinks etc that you need to carry with you.  Remember that you’re likely to be out on the water for many hours at a time, so you need to be able to carry plenty of sustenance with you.

The following are two catamaran fishing boats that we feel offer excellent value for money, as well as providing all the essential elements that are necessary in a good fishing boat.

Top 2 Best Catamaran Fishing Boats

Sea Eagle 12-foot 4-Inch FoldCat Inflatable Boat with Pro-Angler Package Review

Sea Eagle 12 Foot

A 12 footer, two-man catamaran fishing boat with a payload of 650 lbs means that this boat is more than capable of carrying two good sized people.  One of the huge advantages is its unique folding frame, meaning that it takes minutes to pack up and can be transported in the boot of a car.
•    Weighs a mere 75 lbs
•    Pontoons are made from 1000 Dernier reinforced material with quadruple overlap seams
•    Halkey Roberts one way air valves
•    360 degree swivel seats
•    Four top quality rod holders
•    Oar/paddle combo set

•    Extremely fast inflation and assembly time of five minutes
•    Can also take a 3 hp (45 lbs maximum weight) gas or electric engine (not included)
•    Has a full floor that allows you to carry more tackle than on a traditional pontoon fishing boat
•    Very comfortable seats with generous cushions and good back support

•    Only comes with a foot pump, so you might prefer to purchase a separate portable electric pump.

In general this is an excellent, two man catamaran fishing boat that has some superb extra features that many similarly priced models fail to include.  The unique folding design does away with the need for a roof rack or trailer, and will happily fit in the back of an estate or SUV car.  You can also easily store it in the garage at home.  The design provides excellent stability on the water, and the weight limit is higher than many other two man boats in this price range.

Bucks Bag High Adventure 9-Foot Review

Bucks Adventure Pontoon Boat

This 9 foot catamaran fishing boat is a high quality vessel that offers outstanding value for money.  The boat is lightweight yet incredibly robust, and provides the ability to mount a motor if required (not included).  It also comes with a two year warranty and the company has been producing fishing craft since the early 1980s, so you can be assured that they certainly know what they’re doing.

•    Powder coated steel frame
•    Dual anchor system with patented line-lock system
•    Adjustable footrest
•    Side storage pockets and stripping apron
•    6 foot breakdown oars
•    375 lb capacity

•    Very comfortable seating
•    The anchor system is very simple to use, allowing you to quickly drop and retract, meaning minimum fuss when moving locations
•    Plenty of storage
•    Extremely high quality pontoon covers and bladders

•    It’s a little more expensive than other catamaran boats that might, on first glance, seem of a similar standard.  However, once you look a little closer you realise that paying the small amount extra really does translate to a far superior vessel.

This is perhaps one of the finest catamaran fishing boats available for the price.  You can tell that this is a boat designed for fisherman BY fisherman, as it really has been made to ensure ease of use.  Add to this the exceptional customer service provided by Bucks Bags and this boat really does have to score 10 out of 10 for value and product.





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